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YWAM Responds to COVID-19

Youth With A Mission has been carefully considering and praying about our response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.

We are a thoroughly decentralised movement with about 1,600 training and team locations in about 160 nations. We are encouraging every one of those operating […]

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Ten New YWAM Books

YWAM is full of great stories of God’s work around the world. Here are 10 recent books from YWAM authors that can inspire you and your family.

We Can End Bible Poverty Now, by Loren Cunningham. In this book, YWAM […]

Pray for China’s Missions Movement

The Back to Jerusalem movement began in the 1920s when the Chinese church received a vision from God to take the Gospel to all the unreached people groups between China and Jerusalem. Chinese Christians understood that the spread of Christianity had generally taken a westward path and had reached […]

Rescue in South Sudan

In 2016, due to fighting in South Sudan, YWAM’s workers in the country faced an urgent need to evacuate. Many of those workers are natives of South Sudan and couldn’t afford the cost of airfare. Thanks to contributions from churches and from YWAM’s emergency fund, called the Storehouse Fund, […]

Creating Space for God

Since the beginning of 2017, The Invitation, YWAM’s monthly prayer day, has focused on growth. Last month we prayed about the possible parallel increase in persecution. As we experience both of these realities–an increase in numbers and an increase in trials–it is crucial that we put our roots ever deeper into God.

Silence […]

Three Voices, One Historic Message

More than 40 years ago, three people, Brother Andrew, Loren Cunningham and Joy Dawson walked together as a dynamic team that challenged leaders and taught the ways of God to thousands. They changed the world. Now, these three living […]

Pray about Persecution

In this, the last of our three-part series on growth, we invite you to join The Invitation this month as we pray about the persecution that often comes along with growth. According to Christianity Today magazine, persecution of Christians continued at a high level last year: “For the third […]

Training Youth in Papua New Guinea

Perched on the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea lies Alotau, capital of Milne Bay Province and home to 15,000 people. Though there are no main roads that lead to Alotau, the coastal town is the gateway to some of the most remote island communities in the world. Alotau is […]

Pray for Supernatural Increase

Many of you joined us last month for The Invitation when we prayed for supernatural growth for ourselves and for our local communities. In a video, YWAM leader Lynn Green talked about prophetic messages YWAM has received about ten-fold growth and he explained how praying for growth […]

Seeking God for Supernatural Growth

YWAM began with a vision of growth. A young man, Loren Cunningham, saw a mental picture of wave after wave of young people covering the continents. YWAM has grown dramatically since then.

A few years ago, YWAM received two more messages about growth, prophetic pictures of YWAM growing ten-fold, from 20,000 […]