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Kolkata – Prayer

Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God as we pray for Kolkata, India. He is inviting you!

This month, please join the YWAM family as we pray for Kolkata, India, the world’s eleventh largest city. YWAM’s City Ministries Director, Tim Svoboda, claims Kolkata is the most […]

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YWAM’s Big Event Leads To a Bright Future

YWAM’s big event in Thailand, called YWAM Together, has come to an end, and our future as a mission is bright. We are coming to a season of rising up, taking the original vision of YWAM and seeing God enlarge it even more.

Many aspects made this gathering special. We […]

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Celebration at YWAM Together

With an explosion of music, culture and color, the opening ceremony for YWAM Together 2018 took off on Sunday night in Pattaya, Thailand. Over 3900 YWAMers have arrived from around the globe to celebrate and hear from God and His call for our mission.

Together we enjoyed a parade of […]

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Follow YWAM’s Big Event

As last-minute preparations are being made, YWAMers from all over the globe are getting ready to come to Pattaya, Thailand for a big Youth With A Mission family gathering, called YWAM Together, which will begin on September 2.

Over 3,900 people from 100 countries are expected to come together in […]

Kerela Flood Response and Anti-Slavery Ministry

YWAM responds to the devastating floods in Kerela, India by hosting hundreds of displaced people at their Kochi centre, we explore the global problem of human trafficking and what different Youth With A Mission locations are doing to fight it, Darelene Cunningham invites us to YWAM Together 2018 in […]

YWAM Together 2018 – Prayer

Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God as we pray for YWAM Together 2018. He is inviting you!

Over the last decades, our YWAM family gatherings have always included celebration, relational connection and cross-cultural diversity. They have been significant times where God has spoken to us and […]

Polio Outbreak in PNG, Stopping Child Killing in the Amazon

YWAM is working to stop infanticide and the killing of children in the Amazon, John Dawson invites us to YWAM Together in Thailand, YWAM Ships Australia responds to the Polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea, the Podcasting in Missions course will be launching in September, the first YWAM Container […]

Finances and Faith, HIV Orphans Ministry, Sports in Missions

Lynn Green shares a message with us about Finances and Faith, we get an update about the YWAM Costa Rica Bible Distribution, hearabout the amazing children’s ministry of Youth With A Mission Amacet in Soroti, Uganda, Peter Bownhill answers some questions about using sports in missions, and more on this […]

Foundational Values 7 – 9

Joining us this month as we take up “The Invitation” and join together with thousands of YWAMers from around the world as we pray and hear from God about YWAM Foundational Values 7 – 9.

  • #7 – Be Broad-structured and Decentralized
  • #8 – Be International and Interdenominational
  • #9 – […]

YT 2018 – less than 70 days to go

Mobilization for Victory

Dear YWAM Family,

In Korea I have often heard my hosts for a meal say, “Do you want Airforce, Army or Navy?” Meaning, “do you want chicken, beef or seafood?”

At YT 2018, we may have all these 3 options and vegetarian available!

From a spiritual perspective we need the […]