The Global Leadership Gathering Begins in England

On September 2, YWAM Harpenden, England, capped off a busy summer by hosting YWAM’s annual leadership meeting. On the first full day, warm sunshine greeted participants who had come from over 60 countries. The 280 attendees who mingled on the field at the center of YWAM’s campus represented several different groups. They all came together to seek God’s direction for the mission.

Some of the participants came from the Global Leadership Forum, the group of about 45 men and women who represent YWAM’s regional networks and global ministries. Some came from the President’s Gathering, representing YWAM’s training locations. Still others represent YWAM’s Emerging Leaders. And others form one of the leadership groups for YWAM’s University of the Nations.

As all of these groups came together, they began by hearing about YWAM Harpenden’s busy summer. It began in June with a two-week worship and evangelism program called Circuit Riders. It continued with a gathering of YWAM arts ministries called Go for Glory. Immediately after that, hundreds of people came for YWAM’s Olympic outreach.

Lynn Green, a YWAM leader who lives in Harpenden, reported that in just three towns in the immediate vicinity, scores of people, about 130 in two weeks, had chosen to follow Jesus. “We’ve seen more conversions than we’ve ever seen,” Lynn stated.

He went on to mention many developments in the United Kingdom that give him hope for the future. “I welcome you into a land that stands possibly on the verge of revival again,” he said.

During the day, Loren Cunningham, YWAM’s founder, sketched out some of his vision for YWAM’s future. He touched on many developments, such as the growing mission interest among China’s house churches. He mentioned the goal of getting the Bible in the language of every person on earth by 2020. He talked about Global Outreach Day, and his vision for seeing evangelism teams in every one of the 4,000 Omega Zones all on the same day. He explained again how he sensed God giving him an understanding of circles of relationship, circuits of geography and cycles of time. If YWAM was to grow ten-fold, as some have prophesied, this model would allow for rapid growth.

After an afternoon in which the leadership groups met on their own, everyone came together again for an evening celebration. After worship, drums and dance, Jim Stier spoke. Jim, one of the pioneers of YWAM’s work in Brazil, asked, “What do we really offer the world in Youth With A Mission?”

He said, “The real thing we have to offer the world is the quality of our walk with Jesus.”

Jim pointed the participants back to the place where the written Word of God and the living Spirit of God meet. “That’s the place where our hope is renewed,” Jim asserted. “That’s the place where our hurts are healed. That’s the place where we experience the joy. That’s the place where YWAM taught me to go.”

YWAM’s Global Leadership Gathering will continue through Saturday, Sept 8.

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