Dear YWAM Family,

What a joy it was to gather together in Singapore. It was such an encouraging time as we lingered hungrily in the Lord’s presence, grew in our expressions of family love, developed new insights into our covenantal inheritance, and gained fresh hope for a fruitful future. Together we committed to move forward in obedience to the word of the Lord in order to catch the BIG wave that’s coming!

God is bringing us into a time of great expansion. In order to facilitate this, we need to shift from being structured around 27 regions to make room for 74 Area Circle Teams (ACTs) that will pioneer into andfacilitate a new wave of growth in the unreached omega zones. The 27 regions allowed us to fulfill our call to every nation, but not to every omega zone. The 27 regions describe our past where we have been; the 74 areas describe our future where we will be. Here is a link to the Dropbox folder that will allow you to download the PowerPoint I shared in Singapore regarding this new season of expansion.

After the concluding events on our last two nights—prayer walking the 4k map, adopting omega zones and commissioning field conveners—I was asked to write you to all with a few clarifying remarks.

The 74 Areas proposed in the PowerPoint are illustrative of what our family might look like in the near future. The particular configurations are suggestive and will be confirmed and/or adjusted as leaders in each part of the world convene together and seek the Lord for more detail. The key is that we are to make many more baskets for teams of leaders to step into apostolic, pioneering service to see kingdom growth and that every omega zone has a YWAM presence. In the past our regions have varied between 17 and 971 omega zones each. Now our proposed areas are intentionally designed to fulfill the strategic purposes of the Great Commission in areas of diverse spiritual and social needs. In the past the regions have averaged more than a quarter billion in population. In the new areas they should average about 100,000,000. This will help us grow as we move towards pioneering in the alls and everys.

Many things happened on the last night we were together. Prayers of commissioning were a key point in the evening. We prayed 1) over the new members of the DTS Centre international leadership team, 2) over field teams who were appointed for a one-year assignment to convene leaders within their geographic fields, and 3) over all the under-thirty leaders who were in our midst—that together we might “Catch the Wave.”

I want to focus on the second point just mentioned—the commissioning by Loren and the Founders’ Circle of seven teams to help convene gatherings over the next twelve months. These teams were commissioned and will serve until our gathering in Townsville in September 2015, at which time their role will be reviewed. The following identifies those who will serve as field conveners. The list of team members continues to be refined and some individuals certainly will be added. The process is appropriately fluid but this should give you a clearer sense of where we currently stand:


The 7 Fields Field Conveners Area Circle Teams (ACTs) Omega Zones Population
The Americas Jim Stier 9 430 967,506,657
Europe Stephe Mayers 6 345 749,347,800
Africa Kobus van Niekirk 11 539 991,067,594
Middle East R. 3 158 274,064,591
Central Asia E. 7 435 438,189,547
South Asia V. K. 15 795 1,458,904,213
East Asia & the Pacific Tom Hallas 23 1,473 2,279,318,892


I encourage you to be praying for these convening teams and to review all the resources available via the Dropbox link.

It was such a delight to be in Singapore. May God bless you as you press on with your God-given assignments,

David Hamilton