The YWAM Family Gathering at Changi Cove in Singapore opened on the evening of 27th August with a warm welcome from the Christian owner of the hotel, as well as the spiritual fathers and “gatekeepers” of the nation. There was a sense of destiny and expectation, seeing that Singapore is in her Jubilee year, and this gathering of nations was taking place at a venue that had been prepared to be a “house for the nations” through the past eight years of worship and prayer. A total of around 375 leaders had convened at this gathering for such a time as this.

The focus of the first morning was about seeking the presence of the Lord. David Damien shared from his personal journey of humility and brokenness. Citing Exodus 33, he pointed out that the uniqueness of the people of God lay not in the angels, nor in reaching the promised land, but in whether they had the presence of God. How many ministries today are fulfilling the promise without the presence? God will bless our ministries, but how much of our ministry really blesses God?

David also shared about the marked difference between the visits of the Lord and the dwelling place of the Lord. We are not in an age of revival, but of the age of the kingdom where the presence of God wants to dwell with His people. Do we experience the visits of God, or the dwelling place of His presence? The heart of the Father is for His sons and daughters to tarry in His presence, to fellowship with Him.

There was significant response and repentance to the message starting with the senior leaders, admitting that sometimes we seek the presence in order to “get the job done.” Darlene Cunningham asked the poignant question, “Why are we satisfied with the visits of God when we can cultivate that continual presence and walk with Him?”

Lynn Green said that David Damien’s message is part of God’s calling of YWAM back to our roots. Lynn said, “We are confirming clear signpost words since 2002 over these last 12 years.”

Referring to the first picture Loren Cunningham received back in 2002 of the boat stuck at Niagara Falls, a picture that spoke to him of YWAM drifting from our founding values, Lynn affirmed that we are marking all God has spoken since then about realignment in YWAM.

One key picture received by two individuals separately was that of a dam full of water on one side and ready to burst. It is a time of acceleration and God’s glory is coming at an unprecedented pace. If God wants to open the dam, are we ready to let His glory and love flush away our old structures and idols?

The session ended with a real sense that we were preparing our hearts as a “landing strip for the presence of God.” Please pray for God to bring greater revelation and repentance on what this means for YWAM, for alignment to happen in the spirit, alignment with the Father and with one another.

In the afternoon forum, there was a review on eldership and how it was working out in the mission. Eldership was first introduced at the Global Gathering in China in 2002 as part of the move to renew YWAM’s apostolic thrust. To read the signpost message on the drift and on Eldership, refer to

In the evening session, Loren Cunningham exhorted us with a word that YWAM is to build altars of worship and praise, and not to build towers that exalt man. He chronicled the words of the Lord given to YWAM at milestone points in our history, and challenged us to be ready for exponential growth.

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–by Lynn Yee