Mission trips for youth groups


We bring along the youth group of a church for a one week outreach. This is done in close cooperation with the church. In contact with the church, we decide to take their youths for a short outreach. The church then recruits participants among their youths and provide leaders, while we supply with some staff for support. Leading up to the outreach we make several visits to the church to familiarize ourselves with the youths. When it is time we start with boot camp in Linköping for the weekend, and then leave for the outreach location on Sunday. 2023 we have accepted 2 youth groups for outreaches to Spain and Albania respectively.


Begins every: Oct

Length: 1 week

Language(s): Swedish

Origin: Linköping, SWEDEN

Destination: This will be automatically updated.

Minimum age: 15

Region & Country: Europe,

Last updated: Wednesday 23 August, 2023

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