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Coronavirus Prayer – Part One

Published on: April 7, 2020

This month we join with many around the world as we pray for the Coronavirus. Thank you for joining us this month as we take up “The Invitation” and join together with thousands of YWAMers from around the world as we pray and hear from God.

This month, please join the YWAM family as we pray for people caught up in the coronavirus pandemic. Please pray with us on our prayer day, April 9, or feel free to pray at a time that works best for you.

For this month’s prayer time, the majority of us will be joining from our homes since, in most locations, governments have restricted movement in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic. This means we will be praying alone, with our families, or perhaps connecting with others online. May you be encouraged and filled with hope as we pray!

If you only have a few moments to pray, please pray for YWAM’s leaders to be led by God in how to respond, and for people in the nations most affected by the virus right now. Thank you for being part of The Invitation. We would love to receive stories from you regarding how you prayed. You can email us at [email protected]. Please also share any coronavirus stories you have that might guide our prayer time in May which will be Coronavirus Part Two.

Listen to the Letter

Additionally, Ramadan begins this month on April 24 and we have an opportunity to pray for 30 days for the Muslim world (see below in Take Action).

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Prepare to Pray:

Let’s prepare our hearts by reading Psalm 91. Even if you are alone, it can be helpful to read out loud.

  1. Read the psalm aloud three times, noticing each time the words and phrases that connect with your mind and heart.
  2. Repeat aloud or write in your journal those phrases that especially catch your attention. For example, this might be, “He is my refuge and my fortress,” or “He will save you.”
  3. If you are praying alongside your kids, they might want to draw a picture or find a magazine cutting that conveys one of these images: a refuge, a fortress, a shield, a safe dwelling.
  4. Spend a few moments in silence, using your imagination to feel what it is like to run away from fear, perhaps through a dark wood, and into a strong tower. How do you feel when, legs screaming from exertion, you arrive at the tower, fling open the door and lock it firmly behind you? How might God want to be your strong tower, your place of refuge, in your present circumstances?
  5. Consider singing along with this song (or perhaps another that comes to mind). As the song closes, offer your hope and trust to the Lord.

How To Pray – Coronavirus:

Like many of our training locations, the YWAM community in Kona, Hawaii, recently met to discuss their response to the coronavirus pandemic. At that meeting, YWAM’s cofounder Darlene Cunningham communicated some thoughts that can guide our prayers.

  • Pray the promises of Psalm 91 over those who are suffering with illness, the loss of loved ones, or the fear of what could happen. Pray that God would bring rescue, healing and comfort.
  • As you pray, name the nations most affected by the virus right now. Pray for the sick in China, Iran, Italy, Spain and other countries.
  • Psalm 91 contains this promise from God: “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation” (v.14-16). Pray that in the face of current circumstances those in government would call on the name of Jesus; and that in this time of trouble, those in positions of responsibility would turn to Him. May they and those they serve experience the deliverance of God.
  • Pray for healthcare workers and healthcare systems that are under great strain. May the Lord grant strength and wisdom that will both contain the threat of the pandemic and lead to creative partnerships that will protect and sustain populations.
  • Please pray for companies to produce enough masks and other protective equipment, test kits, ventilators, and other necessary supplies wherever they are needed.
  • Pray for scientists working to create a vaccine.
  • In Darlene’s talk to the YWAM community in Kona, she said the global pandemic imposes on us uncomfortable and distressing circumstances that are beyond our control. And yet, at the same time, God is inviting us to trust Him. Pray that around the world rather than feeling swept along by the tide of uncertainty we would turn with hearts of faith to participate in the activity of God at this time. May God’s people offer leadership, wisdom and courage to their communities.
  • Darlene and Kona leader Andy Byrd explained to the community the decision to commission trainees and staff to return to their families and home locations with the intention of seeking the blessing of the people there. That is, rather than mission trips to international locations they would now be on mission in the places they had first come from. Many YWAM teams around the world find themselves facing the same challenge and opportunity. Join us in praying that we would see a fresh wave of missional living being expressed all around the world, as those with hearts to see God’s kingdom come would live from that place of purposeful desire in their home locations.
  • Pray especially for those who would ordinarily still be taking part in YWAM’s Discipleship Training Schools that began in January. May they receive the support they need from their DTS staff and leaders (pray that God grows us in our capacity and wisdom to extend discipling help from a distance) and may they daily experience the empowering of the Holy Spirit to live with integrity alongside their families and local communities.
  • At this same meeting, Darlene mentioned the word “sabbatical” and the invitation from God to go deeper into Him during this time. Many of us may feel busier than ever, with emails and Zoom meetings galore as we navigate postponed conferences and training times. Still, this time offers us an invitation to create rhythms of resting in God that would usually be interrupted by travel or face-to-face meetings. Pray that, along with the global YWAM family, you would resist the temptation to fill your days with alternative activity, and instead respond to the opportunity to cultivate an awareness of the presence of God with you. Consider how this might be for you a time of reflection, realignment, and readiness for what God has next.
  • These unexpected events are unfolding during the traditional period of Lent. Lent is the time leading up to Easter when we find ways to get in touch with our very real need for salvation. In this letter to the Roman church, Paul described the “groaning of creation” as though with labor pains (Romans 8, 22). As you consider the global crisis created by Covid-19, in what ways do you find yourself more aware of this groaning of the world for redemption? Pray that all of creation would be “set free from its bondage to decay and will obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (v.21). (You might find that this song aids your prayers.)
  • Finally, in her message to the YWAM Kona community Darlene declared, “We know that God is always greater and we will prove Him great in new ways.”Pray that we would be those who are attentive to God’s loving and redemptive activity in the world. Pray that as we seek to participate with His Spirit at this unique time in history, we would indeed prove Him great in new ways!
Celebrate the Savior – Easter – April 12, 2020. Photo credit: kennethelilard.wordpress

Take Action

  • Join the Facebook group “YWAM Coronavirus Prayer Group” and continue praying for YWAM’s response to Covid-19.
  • Even though we trust in Jesus, we also need to be wise. Read about YWAM’s response to the coronavirus:
  • Pray about ways to serve others within the prescribed safety precautions.
  • Make a plan for Easter. It will be different this year. Who can you reach within the current restraints?
  • Share Psalm 91 and what you experienced as you prepared to pray this month with someone who is struggling with the coronavirus.
  • Commit to pray for the frontline workers in all industries: healthcare, research, food and farming, transportation, childcare and others until this pandemic is over.
  • Let God direct you to one or two people each day and reach out to them during this time to tell them how much they mean to you, and the love of the father to them.
  • Develop a plan that daily keeps you focused on God and the basic needs of your family and loved ones, instead of being distracted by the chaos.
  • Let God speak to you daily. How is he directing your steps now and in the future? What is He teaching you? Share this with others from your location, ministry partners, family members and others. What similarities are others hearing?
  • Pray for Muslims during Ramadan. In 1993, YWAM leaders received the word of the Lord to pray for Muslims. The “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World” prayer event has been growing ever since, with prayer guides now available in over 30 languages. Learn about Muslim cultures and identities all over the world, and be inspired to pray for their real needs and concerns, and for a revelation of Jesus. Join hundreds of thousands of believers to pray for Muslims during Ramadan beginning April 24. Children’s editions are also available. Get more information and find where to order prayer guides in your country and language from
  • Continue to prepare yourself and your location now to participate in Prepare each person, regardless of their role in YWAM, to share Jesus with five people during the month of May.

How We Prayed

March 2020 – Lordship of Christ

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