In Lockdown, YWAMers Stay Connected

Published on: April 20, 2020

In the weeks since the Covid-19 virus has caused lockdowns around the planet, YWAMers have heeded the directives about social distancing and have found many ways to stay connected. 

Here are just a few examples:

–The YWAM Coronavirus Prayer Group on Facebook has become a place where thousands of YWAMers are praying for each other and posting requests. You are welcome to join.

–In Brazil, some locations have started 24-hour prayer chains, many have WhatsApp groups for prayer, and some are offering mini-workshops online. One team is leaving food baskets for street prostitutes. 

–YWAM TV has started a talk show called Connect, which focuses on issues YWAMers are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. The second episode looks at how to maintain interpersonal relationships. In this edition, host Maarit Eronen talks with Kristine Bresser of Le Rucher Ministries, Yohanan Rempt from Seattle, and Tony D’Alessandro from YWAM Ragusa, Italy.

–Hundreds of YWAMers across North America have gotten together for weekly video calls. You can listen to the one-hour meetings as they hear from YWAM’s co-founder Darlene Cunningham, and YWAM leaders Jim Stier and Lynn Green.

–YWAM’s monthly prayer day, called The Invitation, focused on the coronavirus situation in April, and plans to do so again in May. You can pray along with YWAM and can sign up to join the prayer every month. The prayer material is translated into Portuguese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Thai.

–Many YWAMers are putting out devotionals regularly. Here is one example from Spain. Some locations are using Facebook’s Workplace or Microsoft Teams to share information like this with their community. Many are participating in worship together via live streaming. Here is one worship time from YWAM Harpenden, England.

–In the Middle East, a YWAM location is providing boxes of food to low income people who are out of work. The team is collecting donations (choose “Neighbors Relief” from the list) to help them reach out to more people in their community.

Connecting in Many Directions

YWAM leaders hope that initiatives like this will continue to spring up in more and more locations and language groups across YWAM. 

Sean Lambert, who leads YWAM’s work in San Antonio del Mar, Mexico said he feels both discouraged and encouraged by what he has seen so far. He is concerned about some YWAMers who have limited connectivity to others in their part of the world.But he added he is excited about all the new kinds of communication he has seen. “What is encouraging is the unbelievable flurry of communication initiatives taking place in our mission during this crisis season. Its actually stunning. I have never connected with so many different YWAMers (mostly in Zoom calls) and I have never gotten so many emails and Facebook communication updates. It’s like all of YWAM is now communicating and connecting at a new level and rapid pace.”

Sean looks forward to seeing more and more connections taking place. “I think Gods heart is that all YWAMers communicate to those in their relational sphere of influence. I actually have great hope and faith for the future of our communications as a movement.”