New YWAM Books on Suffering, Wisdom and Faith

Published on: June 6, 2020

Recently-released YWAM books tell the stories of a shooting in Denver, death threats in Yemen, and lessons about faith in Angola. Consider adding them to your summer (or winter) reading list. 

When the Shooting Stopped: Where Is God When We Suffer?

How is it possible that “God is love” when there is so much suffering in the world He created? YWAM Denver Director Peter Warren struggled with that question for over ten years after a young man murdered two of the YWAM Denver staff and wounded others. Peter’s relentless search through the Bible led to this powerful examination of the causes of human suffering and why God is worthy of our trust in all times.

The book begins with the tragic story of the snowy December night when Matthew Murray shot and killed Philip Crouse and Tiffany Johnson and fled with the intent to kill others. Peter had to lead his community through their trauma and pain to a place of healing and forgiveness. 

During that time, the YWAM Denver community faced the questions we all have when tragedy strikes. Why do bad things happen to good people? Where is God amid our suffering? Why didn’t He prevent this from happening? With profound insight, Peter helps us understand the father heart of God as it relates to these and other questions about His character.

Former YWAM President John Dawson says, “Keep this book near you for the rest of your life. From suffering has come a deep exploration of its mysteries. Through these pages we are led to a place of comfort, but there are no shortcuts. This is a story that rings true; the illumination we need in this present darkness.”

Sunrise in the Valley of Death: God’s Love and Transformation in Yemen

Amiira Ann and her husband, Chris, responded to the prompting of God to move from Germany to Yemen, one of the most thoroughly Muslim cultures on earth. With a commitment to model the love of Jesus while doing relief and development among the poor, they moved into a world of constant danger.

One death threat said, “Ever since you started Christianizing Muslims, you have walked a dangerous path! Today we burned your car and part of your house. Tomorrow we will surely burn you and your family!”

Despite the danger, Amiira Ann and her family lived in Yemen for seven years. As they integrated themselves deeply into the culture, their hearts were forever knit together with the Yemeni people. In this book, which is part of YWAM Publishing’s International Adventures series, Amiira Ann takes readers on a rare and personal journey into Muslim life in Yemen after 9/11.

Through friendships they cultivated and their faithful aid and development work, the family left behind a credible witness for Christ in a war-torn and impoverished country.

The Way of Faith: Thriving in your Walk with God

Author Jim Stier knows well the way of faith. By faith he overcame childhood struggles and physical disability to become a missionary pioneer for Youth With A Mission in Brazil and Angola.

In this new book, Jim says of his walk of faith, “How could there ever be a more fascinating journey than to explore the universe that God’s gift of faith opened to me? I’m not engaged in a dutiful, dreadful grind of moral performance, under­taken to escape hell. I’m lovingly exploring with Him the endless possibilities for love, beauty, meaning, and wonder. I’m coming out from the shadows of religious obligation to walk in the freedom that only His life in me can accomplish.”

In an account both personal and instructive, this former president of YWAM offers a fresh perspective on a familiar theme. Weaving together his own story with the true story of an Angolan believer caught in civil war, this book will open your eyes to the dynamic, joy-filled reality of being a child adopted into God’s family. 

Wisdom: The Way to Human Flourishing

This author is one of YWAM’s most influential teachers on biblical worldview, culture, and outreach to the poor. In this new book he poses this idea, “Imagine a world where there is no poverty, only flourishing, a world where everyone is wise, and no one is foolish.”

Darrow believes the way to this abundant life is the pursuit of godly wisdom. In this book he points out that God created the universe in wisdom, and in wisdom God sustains and fulfills it; that the book of Proverbs creates the bridge between all people who want their lives to flourish; that foolishness and poverty result when individuals and societies reject God’s ancient wisdom and thus fail to apply this important virtue for human well-being.

Wisdom, the Way to Human Flourishing is an invitation to readers to discover the unique purposes for which they were made. It also helps readers connect their stories to God’s larger purposes in their family lives, communities, businesses, ministries and in the nations.

Darrow L. Miller is co-founder of the Disciple Nations Alliance and a former vice-president of Food for the Hungry.  

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