Kristin's Life in the DTS GroupIt’s late tonight, after curfew (I hope I don’t get caught), but I’m writing a quick update to let you know how outreach preparation has been going the last couple weeks.

The 40 people on YWAM Newcastle’s DTS are splitting up for outreach. Some of us are going to India, or New Zealand, or Japan, or Mexico, and some are staying here in Australia. I’m on the India team. Ten of us will be heading to Mumbai for two weeks, and 10 others will be heading to Hazuar for two weeks. We’re then meeting in Chennai for another two weeks. We have seen God perform miracles over and over in our logistics and finances. Yesterday, we saw the last few thousand dollars be donated at the last possible moment, and we were able to purchase our plane tickets. Also, we received the final visa today!

For outreach prep, we’ve been meeting outside at 6:00am. Then we go for a walk/jog around the neighborhood, praying for the YWAMers in India, the unbelievers that we will meet during ministry, the cities and villages, the funds to get there, health for ourselves and our teammates, etc.

The students who will be fire-spinning (Islander dancing) have been practicing different routines to music. They’ll be using their performance as a way to creatively share the story of Jesus. We’ve also been practicing telling our life stories, preparing lessons for teaching, getting immunizations together, went on team shopping trips (for insect repellent, backpacks and hand sanitizer), and worshipped together. We also played basketball and soccer, and learned how to play cricket and brushed up on our touch rugby so we could play with the kids when we got there. This is all part of outreach prep–building team unity and most of all, preparing our hearts before we pack our bags.