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Restoration in Niger

Published on: January 28, 2015

As they began clearing up after groups of extremists in Niger vandalized their home and destroyed their possessions, a family of Christians associated with YWAM has been encouraged and supported by the sincere help of their Muslim neighbors.

Neighbors help a Christian family after Niger attacks

Neighbors help a Christian family after Niger attacks

In the wave of last week’s attacks incited by local troublemakers, the family, who work with YWAM in Niamey, fled to safety but their home was attacked. In response, their Muslim neighbors have rallied around to help them clean their house and yard and clean and restore what they can of their possessions. They have also provided them with food supplies. Electricity to the home had been cut off by the attackers but the electric company quickly restored it in one day, and at no charge—a feat considered to be something of a miracle!
Other local Christians have been supported and encouraged by the help of churches, missions and other local residents in the aftermath of the attacks. Things are reported to be calm in Niger at present but further unrest is anticipated, and prayers are requested for the Church in Niger—not for the restoration of the buildings, says one church worker, but for the preservation of the people, and their faith in Christ, and their role as ambassadors of grace and peace.