YWAM’s Commitment to Reach All Peoples

YWAM began with a vision. Our founder, Loren Cunningham, saw waves of young people who advanced in stages and eventually covered the whole earth. Not only did God give us our own specific revelation on reaching the whole world, but the universal call for God’s people to bless every nation on earth is emphasized through the Bible. Therefore, the drive to reach every people is both our biblical responsibility, and inherent in our earliest roots as a mission, permeating our corporate calling.

God in His wisdom has built YWAM layer upon layer over the years in pursuit of that initial vision. First the enthusiasm and energy of young people were used in summer outreaches. Training soon became a part of the mix. We grew strong in the nations where people and money were initially available. God went on to add a great variety of activities over time as varied ministries were born. New nations weighed in, each with their particular contribution to make to the overall effort. The waves are growing and we are progressing toward the goal!

During the last several years, God has frequently confronted us with the specific challenge to reach all peoples. The Manila Covenant was embraced. The YWAM frontier missions movement was born. During a time of intercession, our International Executive Committee received the Red Sea Covenant from God and responded to it. Whether in King’s Kids, a local base in South America, the University of the Nations, or anywhere else in our mission, you can’t go very long without hearing someone excited about reaching the unreached. God is up to something and we don’t want you to miss out!

The waves which will reach the farthest corners of the unreached world are growing. We strongly urge all YWAMers, in every ministry and location in the world, to consider how you can participate in reaching all peoples on earth with the gospel. How can you use the strengths which God has built into your particular ministry to help in achieving the goal of a church for every people? This is not something which we can leave with a sub-group of specialists. It belongs to all of us.

There is an enormous amount still to be done, but the impetus is building. We all belong to a mission with the Great Commission in our very blood. Everyone has a part to play. Every ministry has a contribution to make. Revelation 7:9 gives us a preview of the scene around the throne. People from every tribe, tongue, and ethnic group will be there.

We, as a mission, have repeatedly promised God that we will work toward that scene. It is imperative that we channel our resources toward faithfully fulfilling YWAM’s commitment to reach all peoples.

–YWAM Global Leadership Team, 1995



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