For Parents

If your son or daughter is considering YWAM, or has already gotten involved, we hope and pray that this YWAM experience will draw your child closer to God.

As one YWAM parent said, “Many young people return home with a new outlook and new gratitude for their family and home. Once they have spent a couple of months in the middle of a poverty-stricken area, they realize how important it is to show compassion toward others.”

As you wonder about how your son or daughter will navigate the YWAM world, and how you can offer support, the following resources can help you.

Advice for parents, from a YWAM mom. Tough love from the parent of two YWAMers.

A parent’s story: Angela Zimmerman. How a mom came to embrace a different kind of degree.

Donor info. Unsure about how give your son or daughter financial support? This document can help.

Endorsements. Read what leaders like Billy Graham, Dick Eastman, and Jack Hayford have said about YWAM.

How to pick a DTS. If your child is overwhelmed by the hundreds of Discipleship Training Schools offered by YWAM, this document can prompt good discussion and prayer.

FAQ. Some of these Frequently Asked Questions might be your questions.

Outreach Planner. This website can serve as a good resource for your child, and a good way for you to learn about the experience he or she will go through.

Releasing Your Children to the Lord. In this book, Gunila Baumann tells the story of her three children who loved the Lord, were set on walking in his ways, and wanted to impact the world for Christ. As a mom, Gunila knew there would be dangers in allowing each child to fly far away from home, but she also knew that the safest place for them was in the center of God’s will.

Help. We’re here to assist you.

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