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  • Pray for the Kanuri Manga of Niger
    The Invitation, March 9, 2023 Just under 700,000 Kanuri Manga people live in the east of Niger and far northeast of Nigeria. Most of them are farmers, growing mostly grain crops in a harsh environment as well as raising sheep, goats and the horses which are a symbol of prestige. The Kanuri Manga are Sunni […]
  • Ireland Boarderwalk, YWAM Barundi, Hope House for Boys in Brazil
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we have news coming to you from all over the world and will share about some different ministries that you might want to get involved with. On the YWAM News Show we work to bring you stories and opportunities from around the world and around the mission to […]
  • Pray Against Teen Suicide
    The Invitation, February 9, 2023 Teen suicide is an ongoing issue worldwide and one that has continued to get worse in some countries in the last few years. A recent survey done by a school in the USA gives a glimpse of how prevalent this issue is at the moment. They found that 32 percent […]
  • Youth Centre in Greece, Haiti Food Distribution, Using Fitness in Missions
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we have news coming to you from all over the world and will share about some different ministries that you might want to get involved with. On the YWAM News Show we work to bring you stories and opportunities from around the world and around the mission to […]
  • Pray for Revival in the Church
    The Invitation, January 12, 2023 There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted much of our world but one area impacted in particular has been the attendance of in-person churchgoers. According to a 2022 Pew Research study, 33% of people in the USA who used to attend church regularly before the pandemic have […]
  • Pray for Creation Care
    The Invitation, December 8, 2022 In Genesis God created mankind to “Abad” and “Shamar” all of creation. These terms in Hebrew can be interpreted in many ways but when used together mean to serve and take great care over. It is also the role that the priests are given in the Old Testament for the nation […]
  • Pray for YWAM’s Discipleship Training Schools
    The Invitation, November 10, 2022 The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a core initiative within YWAM. It is a six-month long program, the purpose of which is to equip and prepare students to understand their own identity in Christ, as well as what God’s purpose is for their lives. Available in almost every part of […]
  • Ukraine Emergency Housing, Pakistan Floods, Vanuatu School Project
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we are having a look at how YWAM is responding to the floods in Pakistan, the YWAM Dental Trailer in Papua New Guinea, YWAM Ukraine’s ministry to provide homes for displaced families, flooding in Ghana, YWAM Vanuatu’s V2 Life Association school building project, the YWAM Aotearoa […]
  • YWAM Responds to Pakistan Floods
    Help us to help those suffering homelessness, destitution, despair. Please pray for Pakistan and please donate.
  • Pray to End Bible Poverty
    The Invitation, October 13, 2022 Throughout YWAM’s history Bible distribution has been an important part of our mission’s work. In the last few decades, more organizations have begun to collaborate with YWAM who have the same heart to translate and distribute the Bible. In late 2014 several YWAM leaders, including YWAM’s co-founders Loren and Darlene […]
  • Pray for Ukraine
    The Invitation, September 8, 2022 It has now been nearly six months since the first bomb was burdened upon Ukraine, laying the foundations of an agonizing war that has now killed thousands, and displaced millions more. As this war in Ukraine continues, so does the work of the YWAM teams in Ukraine as well as […]
  • Pray for Survivors of Trafficking
    The Invitation, August 11, 2022 This month, please join us as we pray for the long-term survivors of sexual exploitation. There are more allies in anti-trafficking efforts than ever before, but there is still a huge shortage of beds and residential services which can provide safety and trauma-informed care to both adult and minor victims, […]
  • Joy Dawson, Lover of Jesus, is Safe at Home in His Arms at 96
    February 27, 1926 – July 21, 2022 Joy Dawson had a catalytic impact in YWAM from its earliest days, helping to build our foundational teachings on Hearing God’s Voice, Intercessory Prayer, the Fear of the Lord, the Nature & Character of God, Instant Joyful Total Obedience, 100% Honesty and oh, so much more! She was […]
  • Pray for Cuba
    The Invitation, July 14, 2022 On July 11, 2021 a major protest took place in Cuba. Many people throughout the country voiced their displeasure, using the slogan “Homeland, Life and Freedom.” They were complaining about food, medicine and power shortages, as well as the government’s response to Covid. This was unusual in a nation where […]
  • Pray for Buddhist Students
    The Invitation, June 9, 2022 Every year, hundreds of thousands of young people from Buddhist families go overseas to study, from countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, and China. They are often open to studying the Bible with Christian friends or hosts, particularly if they are drawn to their lives of love, humility, or […]
  • Pray for Myanmar
    The Invitation, April 14, 2022 February 1, 2022 marked the first anniversary of the coup in Myanmar, which plunged the nation and the lives of most of its people into chaos and turmoil. One year later, the nation is facing huge challenges and at the same time YWAM workers see equally huge opportunities. One of […]
  • Caring for Ukraine
    As the war in Ukraine rages on, YWAM workers in Ukraine and surrounding countries continue to reach out to people in need, often risking their lives to do so. Please continue to pray for YWAM’s work and for the situation in the country. Yesterday, Yulia, one of YWAM’s workers in Kyiv, reported that they: Fed […]
  • Pray for Ukraine
    YWAM teams inside and outside of Ukraine are urgently providing assistance to people suffering from the war in that nation. Please pray for them and for the situation in Ukraine. YWAM began its work in Ukraine when the nation was still under Soviet rule. We now have teams in five locations. One of those locations, […]
  • Celebrating 30 Years of Prayer for Muslims
    Back in 1992, a group of YWAM international leaders met near the Red Sea and something emerged from their gathering that, 30 years later, has evolved and grown beyond YWAM to engage millions of Christians worldwide in prayer for Muslims: the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World. The Lord spoke clearly and memorably […]
  • Pray For the Send
    The Invitation, February 10, 2022 This year, The Send (thesend.org) plans to invite young people to three mission-focused stadium events: in Kansas City, in Norway, and in Argentina. The planners want to see God pour out his Spirit during these gatherings through healings, salvations, deliverance and miracles. They want to see tens of thousands of […]
  • Pray for Afghan Refugees
    During more than 40 years of war in Afghanistan, many Afghans in desperation have chosen to leave their homes. An estimated five million Afghans have now spread out around the world, forming one of the world’s largest refugee populations. Some of these are believers in Jesus. Over the last decades, like never before in history, […]
  • Pray for YWAM Europe Together
    The Invitation, December 9, 2021 Next year in Oslo, Norway, from June 21 to 24, YWAM Europe is convening a conference called “His Kingdom Come—YWAM Europe Together.” They are inviting people from Europe and across the world, whether current or former staff or students of YWAM, or friends of YWAM. This gathering and workshop will […]
  • Pray for Unification of Korea
    The Invitation, November 11, 2021 The division of Korea in 1945 was supposed to be temporary. Unfortunately, this artificial separation between families has now lasted 70 years. A great cultural and economic divide now exists between North and South Korea. The people of North Korea have suffered greatly under a regime that denies them basic […]
  • Pray for the COP26 Climate Conference
    The Invitation, October 14, 2021 In the first two weeks of November, delegates from almost every nation will be gathering in Glasgow, Scotland for a huge United Nations climate change negotiation. Called Conference of Parties 26 (COP26) it will be one of the largest international events ever hosted by the UK, with up to 30,000 […]
  • Maria Can Read Again
    As a medical team from the m/v YWAM Liberty, a YWAM ship, set up a clinic in a small village in Papua New Guinea, they met Maria, a lady who had not been able to read for many years. This video shows what happened when a member of the YWAM team, a nurse from Canada, […]
  • Pray for Universities
    As the school year begins in many parts of the world, a YWAM prayer initiative called The Invitation is focusing on universities. Please pray with us for God’s purposes for higher education. More students than ever are enrolling in universities. A newly updated study by the ICEF Monitor, the leading market intelligence resource for the education industry, shows that the number of students attending university has doubled in the past 20 years and is projected to double again in the next 20 years. The future will be shaped by these students and their ideas and practices as well as the events that occur on their campuses. Please pray for these students right now and on our prayer day, September 9.
  • Afghanistan Response, Haiti Earthquake, Crisis in Mozambique
    We are going to have a look at many YWAM ministries around the world including Afghanistan, Haiti, South Africa, and Mozambique, and we will also see some of the ministry that YWAM is doing to help feed the poor, build homes, and provide support for those who are affected by Covid. We will also look […]
  • Pray for Oral Bible Translation
    The Invitation, August 12, 2021 Please pray this month for Bible translation. The End Bible Poverty Now initiative exists to see a Bible in every heart language made available to every individual on earth. More than 1,000 languages still do not have a single portion of the Bible in their mother tongue. YWAM is committed […]
  • Come to YWAM Europe Together
    SAVE THE DATE! YWAM Europe Together 2022 will be held in Norway next year! On June 21st – 24th 2022, we will be gathering YWAMers, YWAM Alumni and friends of YWAM for celebration, vision, prayer, networking and new beginnings. YWAM Europe Together will be a meeting place of people, a dreaming place of leaders, a […]
  • Pray for the Tokyo Olympics
    This month, please join the YWAM prayer day called The Invitation, as we pray for The Tokyo Olympics. As athletes from around the world begin arriving in Japan for the Tokyo Olympic Games, please join with YWAM in prayer for the nation of Japan. For the Olympic outreach, YWAM in Japan has joined with the […]

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