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  • Pray for the Paris Olympic Outreach
    The Invitation, July 11, 2024 As the 2024 Paris Olympic Games (July 26 – August 11) draw near, YWAM’s teams in Paris ask for your prayers. Many YWAM teams will come to Paris to share the message of Jesus with visitors from many nations. YWAM missionaries in Paris report seeing more openness, salvations, healings, and… Read more: Pray for the Paris Olympic Outreach
  • Paris Games Outreach, YWAM Gatherings, Haiti Updates
    This month we hear about the upcoming Paris Games Outreach, we get some updates from YWAM Perth, hear about four different YWAM gathering from around the world, get an update from YWAM in Haiti, hear about some different training courses currently being offered, and we get an update about the Island Reach medical ship. On the… Read more: Paris Games Outreach, YWAM Gatherings, Haiti Updates
  • Pray for Pakistan
    The Invitation, June 13, 2024 YWAM in Pakistan, numbering more than 100 workers, brings discipleship to a persecuted church, and practical assistance to those struggling with poverty and natural disasters. They work in a country that is 96 percent Muslim, with the second highest population of Muslims in the world, after Indonesia. Please take a… Read more: Pray for Pakistan
  • Sustainability Projects, MBI, South Sudan
    This month we hear about a Mission Builders International, the release of Loren Cunningham’s last book No Boundaries Within God’s Will, find out more about YWAM Philippines, hear what YWAM is continuing to do in South Sudan, find out about the campus project in Medellin, check out the sustainability model that YWAM is developing in Northern Uganda, see a new opportunities for teams to serve in the Dominican Republic, hear about an opportunity for a hiking retreat in Scotland, and more …
  • Praises From The Legacy Tour
    The Invitation, May 9, 2024 Thank you, YWAM Global Family, for your prayers for Darlene Cunningham and the first 2024 Cunningham Legacy Tour. Darlene and team (Giacomo Coghi, Garth Gustafson, David Hamilton and others) have completed the final leg of the Americas Tour, where several thousand YWAM leaders and staff gathered at the events in… Read more: Praises From The Legacy Tour
  • Mali Compassion, Lyon Street Show, and Outreach to Prostitutes
    This month we hear about a compassion ministry opportunity in Mali, a couple of school ministries that YWAM is running around the world, hear a testimony of God working in PNG, find out about an outreach to prostitutes in South Africa, hear about the YWAM Lyon Street Show, see what the meme of the month is for April, and more …
  • YWAM Global Prayer Initiative #5 — Importance of Corporate Prayer
    Here we have Rhulani from South Africa sharing about the power of ‘corporate prayer’, which we experienced during our recent 3 days of global prayer & fasting for the YWAM family.
  • YWAM Together 2024 in Manila, Philippines
    With much excitement and expectation, we are inviting the YWAM family from across the world to come and gather together this September 2-6!
  • Pray for Sri Lanka
    The Invitation, April 11th, 2024 Sri Lanka is a beautiful island nation just off the southern tip of India whose 22 million inhabitants have been through a lot: decades of ethnic tension and civil war, a devastating tsunami, Islamist terror attacks in 2020, and a major economic and political crisis in 2022. The people of… Read more: Pray for Sri Lanka
  • Haiti Unrest, Send UK, Pray for Ramadan
    This month we hear a follow up report about the tragic accident in Tanzania that took the life of 11 YWAM leaders, find out how YWAM locations are responding to the unrest in Haiti, hear how we can be praying for Muslims during their holy month of Ramadan, find out how YWAM Paisley is having… Read more: Haiti Unrest, Send UK, Pray for Ramadan
  • YWAM Family Global Day of Prayer & Fasting
    We have felt the need to call the Y Global Family together for a time of prayer & fasting collectively as a movement. We will start with a 2 hour Zoom call online on March 26 with the global family, before launching into 72 hours of continuous prayer, worship and fasting led by different regions around the world on the same Zoom call.
  • Pray for Ministries to the Deaf
    The Invitation, March 14th, 2024 According to YWAM’s Deaf World ministry, the 70 million Deaf individuals worldwide constitute one of the largest unreached people groups. They form unique cultures, which YWAM Deaf World recognizes by capitalizing the word “Deaf.” There are more than 300 sign languages worldwide, and only one of those has a complete… Read more: Pray for Ministries to the Deaf
  • 11 Dead in Arusha Tragedy, Chile Wildfire Recovery, Carnival Outreach
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we hear about the tragic accident in Tanzania that took the lives of 11 YWAM leaders, the recovery work of YWAM in Chile after the wildfires, the completion of YWAM Island Reach vessel, JOCUM Brazil Carnival Outreach, and more …
  • A Letter From Darlene Cunningham (Arusha Tragedy)
    Dear YWAM Family, By now, you have heard of the tragic bus accident in Tanzania on February 24 that took the lives of eleven key YWAM leaders. At this time, eight more are still in the hospital. (You can read the names and all of the background information on ywam.org) In these days, tears are being poured out across the world by individuals, families and YWAMers worldwide. I am personally reeling from the weight of this news, as I knew and loved many of these individuals personally. But I am leaning into the character of God for what I know to be true about who He is!
  • Updates : Bus Accident in Tanzania
    Bus Accident in Tanzania — Please pray for the YWAMers involved in this accident and for their families.
  • Pray for YWAM’s Global Prayer Initiative
    The global YWAM family will gather in Manila from September 3-6, and the organizing team invites every YWAMer, across all ministries, communities, locations, and campuses, to prepare. Please set aside the third week of each month from February to September for corporate prayer and fasting. We acknowledge the significance of this time in history. Our founder and spiritual father, Loren Cunningham, has transitioned to glory. At the same time, YWAM is strategically positioned to catalyze a historic move of God. In support of this global YWAM family prayer initiative, we will share a brief video every month to inspire unified, corporate prayer for the nations, the mission, and the body of Christ. The first video comes from Andy Byrd of YWAM Kona.
  • Prison Outreach, Peacebuilding, Biblical Motivations for Missions
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we hear about YWAM Samoa’s Outreach to Indonesia, a Skateboarder’s outreach to Mexico, YWAM San Francisco opens their doors during their inclement weather, we get a story from an outreach to a correctional facility in the Philippines, YWAM Kyiv running a youth group, YWAM Tampa Bay will be doing a musical theatre tour, we hear from two of our locations in Haiti, we talk about the next YWAM Together gathering in the Philippines, Bevin from Globalcast Resources bring us a great message about the Biblical Motivation for missions, and more …
  • YWAM Paris Makes Plans for 2024 Olympics
    During the 2024 Olympic Games at least 13.5 million people will come to Paris. At YWAM Paris, we see this as a significant opportunity to reach the nations with the Gospel and the hope of Jesus as they gather. For three weeks, from 21 July to 11 August, we will host live open-air events, worship… Read more: YWAM Paris Makes Plans for 2024 Olympics
  • Pray for Oral Bible Translation
    The Invitation, January 11, 2024 Please pray for Bible translation this month, the passion of YWAM’s founder Loren Cunningham, who died in October of 2023. Thousands of languages, spoken by hundreds of millions of people, still do not have a Bible. The goal of the Oral Mother Tongue (OMT) approach is that the Bible be… Read more: Pray for Oral Bible Translation
  • MV YWAM Koha Returns Home, Civil War and the Gospel
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we hear about how the Gospel can help in the midst of the civil war in Nigeria, the return of the MV YWAM Koha to their home port after their emergency repairs, a mission building team in Vanuatu, the upcoming Creation Care forum, YWAM Ships Philippines Outreach, another YWAM Meme Review, a blessing from Loren Cunningham, and more …
  • Pray for the Karamonjong People of Uganda
    The Invitation, December 14, 2023 YWAM Uganda asks for prayer as they reach out to an ethnic group in the northeast of their country. The Karamojong (also spelled Karimojong) number nearly one million. Cattle are their main livelihood and there are often violent cattle raids among three neighboring tribes: the Acholi, Lango and Iteso. The… Read more: Pray for the Karamonjong People of Uganda
  • Ship Repair, Infant Life Saved, Bible Distribution, Meme Review
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we hear about some emergency ship repairs required for the m/v YWAM Koha in Fiji, how the life of a newborn infant in PNG was saved by one of our medical teams, learn about the passing of Joseph Chean in Turkey, here about Bible distribution that is happening in Lyon, get another update and message about Loren’t Cunninghams’ final book, “No Boundaries – Within God’s Will”, discover some humorous YWAM memes, and more …
  • Pray for YWAM in Sudan
    The Invitation, November 9, 2023 In the midst of a fierce civil war in north Sudan, a YWAM team of nearly 30 Sudanese staff continue to live and serve. Before the war, which began in April 2023, most lived in and around the capital. All of these staff have moved themselves and their families to… Read more: Pray for YWAM in Sudan
  • YWAM Leaders Gathering, Reach Malasia Revival, Haiti Food Donations, Vanuatu Medical Outreach
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we hear about Loren Cunningham, YWAM’s founder, passing away, a prayer request for the Middle East, we get a report from the latest YWAM Leaders Gathering, hear a bit about the importance of missionary care in YWAM, see a medical outreach to a remote island in… Read more: YWAM Leaders Gathering, Reach Malasia Revival, Haiti Food Donations, Vanuatu Medical Outreach
  • Pray for the Middle East
    It is now more than two weeks since the latest escalation of violence in Israel / Palestine. As the horrific images and video footage is broadcast across the world our hearts are broken for the suffering that is taking place among both Israeli and Palestinian families. Until now, our YWAM family in Israel / Palestine… Read more: Pray for the Middle East
  • Honoring Loren Cunningham
    From Franklin Graham — Not many people come down the road of life who have an impact like Loren Cunningham. He was a force for the Gospel. His vision and passion for reaching lost souls with the Good News of Jesus Christ was unwavering—and God gave him the ability to communicate, to inspire, and to motivate thousands of young men and women to go into the world and do the same…
  • Loren is with Jesus
    Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) went to be with Jesus on October 6, 2023 at the age of 88.
  • Pray for YWAM’s Flotilla
    The Invitation, October 14, 2023 In the Pacific lie 936 isolated islands with no airports or regular ferry services. How can we reach all of the people on those islands? Even with YWAM’s 27 vessels worldwide, we can’t get to everyone. YWAM’s new Flotilla ministry partners with private yacht owners to reach isolated areas, thus… Read more: Pray for YWAM’s Flotilla
  • Oral Mother Tongue Initiative, Rugby World Cup, Outreach to North West Russia
    In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we hear about the Oral Mother Tongue Initiative, the outreach to the Rugby World Cup in France, the impact that having the message of Jesus translated into the mother tongue impacted the Nenets People in North West Russia, floods in Romania, some updates from YWAM Ships… Read more: Oral Mother Tongue Initiative, Rugby World Cup, Outreach to North West Russia
  • YWAM Leaders Meet at a Significant Time
    With much cheering for the representatives of each nation, 620 YWAM leaders came together from Sept 14-18 in Chiang Mai Thailand. After all of the 85 nations in attendance were celebrated, the gathering began with a video from YWAM founders Loren and Darlene Cunningham. Due to Loren’s lung cancer he spoke lying in bed. He spoke of YWAM as a family, not an organization, and urged us to use our gifts and callings for Jesus and “keep living for Him.”

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