Hong Kong Teens PerformanceIf you would like to help your church grow in love for God and involvement in the Great Commission, YWAM can help you. YWAM provides full-service outreaches for your youth groups, mission awareness programs, seminars for families, and many other resources.

Outreach Trips for Your Youth Group

YWAM’s Mission Adventures programs provide full-service outreach trips for youth groups. Our experienced staff will take care of all the details of your trip. We cover all the bases—food, housing, transportation, ministry planning, translation, supplies and everything else so your youth group leader can actually be a pastor instead of an administrator. We also provide camp-like training that will not only prepare hands but will inspire hearts as well. You show up with your kids. We’ll handle the rest.

To find a Mission Adventures program near you, pick “Ministries” from the search bar above and type in “Mission Adventures” followed by a country name or city. Also, please visit the Mission Adventures website.

Outreach Trips for Adult Groups

If you have an adult group or a team that includes people of various ages, YWAM’s Mission Builder program can provide you a tangible way to serve God together. They facilitate teams all over the world.

To find a Mission Builder program, pick “Ministries” from the search bar above and type in “Mission Builders” or visit the Mission Builders website.

Also, the Outreach Planner website contains many articles that can help your group prepare for an outreach and debrief afterward.

Programs for Children

One of YWAM’s largest child-centered ministries is King’s Kids. With hundreds of programs all over the world, King’s Kids seeks to lead children, youth and families worldwide into a proven knowledge of God, bring God joy and together make God known to all peoples. The ministry provides church-based discipleship groups for children and outreaches for children and their families. These outreaches take place in the local community as well internationally, and feature arts, sports, or community development. A main emphasis of the outreach is on the discipleship of each young person in the team.

To find a King’s Kids location near you, pick “Ministries” from the search bar above, and search for King’s Kids. You can also visit the King’s Kids website.

Mission Presentations

Many YWAM locations will provide mission awareness programs for your church.

To find a YWAM ministry center near you, pick “Locations” from the search bar above and type in the name of your city or country.

Family Ministries

YWAM’s Family Ministries provide seminars and outreach opportunities for parents and families. To find opportunities near you, pick “Ministries” from the search bar and type in “Family” and a part of the world. Also, visit the Family Ministries website.

Discipleship Resources

Please see our Know God and Make Him Known pages for discipleship and mission resources. Also, YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS) website has many Bible resources.