YWAM Ministries

What We Do

YWAM’s many ministries fit into three main categories:

evangelism, training, and mercy ministry.

Through these ministries, we desire to see God’s transformation in every sphere of society.


We believe everyone has the right to hear the good news about Jesus and our prayer is to see fellowships of believers worshipping and following Jesus in every nation, tribe and tongue.

We use music, performing arts, sports, and Bible distribution to connect with people of all ages. YWAM also starts discipleship groups in places where there may be no church at all.


Our introductory course, the Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS), is offered in many nations and languages. It’s an intensive six months of growing more like Jesus and serving Him in the world.

Through our training programs and YWAM’s University of the Nations we aim to equip Christians to grow in their relationship with God and to serve others. Our courses focus on subjects like healthcare, the Bible, business development and biblical counseling.


YWAM’s mercy ministry teams follow Jesus’ example of compassion to those in need. We operate relief and development programs in over 100 countries, working among people living in desperate circumstances.

Our staff serve in areas such as agricultural assistance, the prevention of human trafficking, ship-based dental care, and micro-enterprise development.  

To see the impact of one of YWAM’s mercy ministries, watch the video below.


In all of our ministries, we desire to see God’s transformation in every sphere of society. When Jesus talked about the kingdom of God, He described an upside-down world, a transformed world. What would a world like that look like today?

In YWAM, we talk about seven dimensions of societal transformation. We call these spheres. Our many ministries influence the spheres in a variety of ways. The spheres are:





(science, technology and business)



(arts, entertainment, and sports)


To learn more about spheres, visit the website below.

This page explains spheres briefly. Call2All is a coalition of churches and mission agencies, of which YWAM is a part.

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