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  • Pray for Unification of Korea
    The Invitation, November 11, 2021 The division of Korea in 1945 was supposed to be temporary. Unfortunately, this artificial separation between families has now lasted 70 years. A great cultural and economic divide now exists between North and South Korea. The people of North Korea have suffered greatly under a regime that denies them basic […]
  • Pray for the COP26 Climate Conference
    The Invitation, October 14, 2021 In the first two weeks of November, delegates from almost every nation will be gathering in Glasgow, Scotland for a huge United Nations climate change negotiation. Called Conference of Parties 26 (COP26) it will be one of the largest international events ever hosted by the UK, with up to 30,000 […]
  • Maria Can Read Again
    As a medical team from the m/v YWAM Liberty, a YWAM ship, set up a clinic in a small village in Papua New Guinea, they met Maria, a lady who had not been able to read for many years. This video shows what happened when a member of the YWAM team, a nurse from Canada, […]
  • Pray for Universities
    As the school year begins in many parts of the world, a YWAM prayer initiative called The Invitation is focusing on universities. Please pray with us for God’s purposes for higher education. More students than ever are enrolling in universities. A newly updated study by the ICEF Monitor, the leading market intelligence resource for the education industry, shows that the number of students attending university has doubled in the past 20 years and is projected to double again in the next 20 years. The future will be shaped by these students and their ideas and practices as well as the events that occur on their campuses. Please pray for these students right now and on our prayer day, September 9.
  • Afghanistan Response, Haiti Earthquake, Crisis in Mozambique
    We are going to have a look at many YWAM ministries around the world including Afghanistan, Haiti, South Africa, and Mozambique, and we will also see some of the ministry that YWAM is doing to help feed the poor, build homes, and provide support for those who are affected by Covid. We will also look […]
  • Pray for Oral Bible Translation
    The Invitation, August 12, 2021 Please pray this month for Bible translation. The End Bible Poverty Now initiative exists to see a Bible in every heart language made available to every individual on earth. More than 1,000 languages still do not have a single portion of the Bible in their mother tongue. YWAM is committed […]
  • Come to YWAM Europe Together
    SAVE THE DATE! YWAM Europe Together 2022 will be held in Norway next year! On June 21st – 24th 2022, we will be gathering YWAMers, YWAM Alumni and friends of YWAM for celebration, vision, prayer, networking and new beginnings. YWAM Europe Together will be a meeting place of people, a dreaming place of leaders, a […]
  • Pray for the Tokyo Olympics
    This month, please join the YWAM prayer day called The Invitation, as we pray for The Tokyo Olympics. As athletes from around the world begin arriving in Japan for the Tokyo Olympic Games, please join with YWAM in prayer for the nation of Japan. For the Olympic outreach, YWAM in Japan has joined with the […]
  • Bridging the Educational Gap, Food Distribution, Miami Condo Response
    Youth With A Mission Responds to the Condo Collapse in Miami, YWAM Ships Kona works to bridge the education gap on isolated islands in the Pacific, YWAM Paris purchases part of their campus, Ignite New England sees many saved during an evangelistic event, we look at some of YWAM’s food distribution ministries, Create Thailand produced some fantastic comics to communicate the gospel, and we explore some training and ministry opportunities around the world on the 126th episode of the YWAM News Show …
  • Pray for Healing in South Asia
    This month, please join the YWAM prayer day called The Invitation, as we pray for Healing in South Asia. Please pray with YWAM as we focus on the suffering of countries in South Asia that have been hit hard by the pandemic. Recently India reached a peak of cases (400,000 per day) and deaths (4,000 […]
  • Flooding in East Timor, US Mexico Border Crisis, YWAM Slovakia Fire
    East Timor has been hit by the worst floods in 30-years, and it’s affected some of YWAM’s ministries there, an oral Bible translation container is on it’s way to the Pacific Islands, a large commercial generator has been donated to YWAM in Papua New Guinea, YWAM Brazil has been operating in Ricife since 1986 with […]
  • Pray Against Human Trafficking
    This month, please join the YWAM prayer day called The Invitation, as we pray against Human Trafficking. By any measure, the trafficking in men and women for forced labor or sexual exploitation is an enormous and increasing tragedy. The extent of the problem can feel overwhelming. According to Polaris Project, there are 40.3 million victims […]
  • Volcano Eruption in St. Vincent, 30-Days Muslim Prayer, Pacific Island Updates
    Earlier this month there was a volcano eruption on St. Vincent that our centre there is working to respond to, the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World for 2021 has started up, we get to hear many ministry updates from the Pacific Islands, hear a thank you from YWAM Arusha, and more on […]
  • Praying for Myanmar
    The Invitation, April 8, 2021 This month, please join the YWAM prayer day called The Invitation, as we pray for the country of Myanmar. Mass protests have been taking place since the military seized control on February 1, following the election of Aung San Suu Kyi. Civil unrest continues and over 500 protestors have been […]
  • Military Coup in Burma, Coffee Ministries, Feeding the Hungry
    There is desperate need right now for the people of Burma because of the recent military coup, YWAM Europe will be having a worship and outreach gathering in Maldova later this year, Gleanings for the Hungry is ramping up for the Summer 2021 season, we get to see and hear some updates from Thailand and […]
  • Praying for Tripoli, Libya
    The Invitation, March 11, 2021 This month, please join YWAM’s prayer day, called The Invitation, as we lift up the city of Tripoli, Libya. In Tripoli, cafes are places where the elderly and the young meet to socialize, gossip, argue and plan. Hassan is one of Tripoli’s 1,165,000 Muslim residents, and he goes to a […]
  • South Sudan, Haiti, Hong Kong Ministry Updates
    After having to evacuate their ministry location due to the civil war in September 2016 YWAM South Sudan has finally been able to return to their centre in Yei only to find it severely damaged and in need of significant rebuilding. YWAM in Haiti is continuing to grow and build on their ministry, Australian Mercy […]
  • Praying about Loneliness
    Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God. He is inviting you! This season of consecutive lockdowns, brought on by the Corona virus pandemic, has been a lonely time for many of us. Some have been living alone during weeks of home confinement. Many have been unable to be with family or […]
  • Prayer for the Buddhist World
    Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God. He is inviting you! Buddhism is the fourth-largest religion in the world according to Wikipedia and accounts for 6.9 percent of the world’s population. The annual Buddhist World Prayer Focus is calling Christians and churches worldwide to take 15 days, January 28 – February […]
  • Fragrance of Faith – Documentary series on YWAM
    Fragrance of Faith is a five-part documentary series of authentic stories from heroes of faith. You will hear from YWAMERS who recounts journeys of obedience, faith, and perseverance in both their successes and their trials.
  • Pray for the Care of Creation
    Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God. He is inviting you! As we end this year 2020, YWAM invites you to join with us in prayer for creation. Creation care is not a reaction to the environmental problems we see around us but an act of worship. It is our God-given […]
  • Pray for Haiti
    Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God. He is inviting you! Once known as the “Pearl of the Antilles” because of its resources and natural beauty, Haiti is now noted as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. In its earliest colonial days Haiti was a leader in the production of […]
  • YWAM 60th Anniversary online celebration
    Below is an invitation from Loren and Darlene to the Y 60th Anniversary online celebration. Dear YWAM Family, Wow! It’s hard to believe that YWAM is 60 years old! As I have been writing my book Values Matter – Stories of the Beliefs & Values that Shaped Youth With A Mission, Loren and I have […]
  • YWAM’S 60th
    Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God. He is inviting you! This year is YWAM’s 60th year and we are celebrating! Please join us this month for YWAM’s prayer day, called The Invitation, on Thursday, October 8. Our story started when God spoke to Loren Cunningham, YWAM Co-Founder, through a vision […]
  • YWAM’s Global Prayer Initiative (GPI)
    Join YWAMers around the globe in praying and hearing from God. He is inviting you! The Founders’ Circle and other senior elders in YWAM have sensed an urgency to call YWAM to a Global Prayer Initiative for the whole month of September. This will be launched September 1-3 with YWAM elders/leaders and their networks across the world […]
  • Fear of God – Spiritual Principles From YWAM’s Early Days
    In January we started the series Spiritual Principles from YWAM’s Early Days based on input from YWAM Leader Lynn Green and prayed about Seeking God (Loren Cunningham); Holy Living (Lynn Green), followed in February; and Lordship of Christ (Darlene Cunningham), in March. And then just days after praying about Lordship of Christ, YWAM leaders began sending students […]
  • Seeking God During Coronavirus
    We are in a season when the world is being shaken. A global pandemic, a renewed cry for racial justice, the yoke of poverty, awareness of the state of the environment and the threat of natural disasters. What is our response to all this? Please join with us this month as we pray and hear […]
  • 60 Years of Faith for Finances
    The year 2020 is a time of celebration for Loren Cunningham. It marks his 85th birthday and the 60th anniversary of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), which he and his wife Darlene founded. YWAM has since grown into one of the world’s largest Christian mission movements. I have had the privilege of knowing and serving with Loren Cunningham for four decades, and he is still the humble and generous man who long ago opened the door for me to live a life of missions and service to the poor.
  • Prayer for Online Evangelism
    The Covid-19 crisis has dramatically changed the digital landscape, as billions of people head online to cope with life and to work under the lockdown. Billions seek meaning, purpose, and identity each day. Please join with the YWAM family this month as we pray for online evangelism. Please pray that the message of God’s love […]
  • New YWAM Books on Suffering, Wisdom and Faith
    Recently-released YWAM books tell the stories of a shooting in Denver, death threats in Yemen, and lessons about faith in Angola. Consider adding them to your summer (or winter) reading list.  When the Shooting Stopped: Where Is God When We Suffer? How is it possible that “God is love” when there is so much suffering […]

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