Documents for YWAMers

As YWAMers, the following documents can help you learn about significant agreements reached by YWAM’s leaders in the past. This list also contains several documents to learn from.

Foundational Values and Beliefs

YWAM Purpose, Beliefs, Values

Historical notes on YWAM’s Purpose, Beliefs and Values

Scripture verses used in YWAM’s Purpose, Beliefs and Values

Covenants Made by YWAM

The Lausanne Covenant

The Manila Covenant

The Christian Magna Carta

The Red Sea Covenant

YWAM’s Commitment to Reach All Peoples

The Nanning Covenant

The Jubilee Covenant

The Singapore Covenant

A Covenant to End Bible Poverty

YWAM’s Covenant Renewal Documents

Signpost Messages and Legacy Words

YWAM’s Four Legacy Words

Signpost Messages. Over the years, YWAM has received significant teachings or prophetic messages that have influenced the mission. Click here to browse through some of these messages.

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