Not Enough Support?

Two strategies to get your income where it needs to be.


Ask Yourself Four Questions

–by Betty Barnett

1. How are you handling the finances you already have? If you handle well what little you do have, more will be added, but if you handle poorly what little you have, even that will be taken away. This was one of the statements that Jesus made, and I think it applies both to our finances and our relationships. One thing I often find in people who are struggling with support is they are not giving anymore. They say, “I can’t afford to tithe.” My response is, “You can’t afford not to.”

2. Are you in debt? Debt is a huge issue that is often a paralysis point the enemy uses. We’re to see debt as an enemy, not as a friend, and too many people today see debt as a companion. Even in YWAM, credit cards have become a way of “walking by faith.” But I see it as you’re walking by plastic, you’re not walking by faith. I believe God meets us as we ask, “Lord, how do I address this debt?” He may give us a strategy of how much we can pay on each debt per month. If we don’t stand up to it, we’re going to lay under it and it’s going to consume us.

3. How are you handling communication with those people God has put into your life? Act in a spirit of generosity. That’s a key I felt God gave me many years ago. If we live a life of generosity, then He will provide for us through others in a spirit of generosity. But we can’t do that in a selective way where we are picking who we want to be generous back to us, because that’s not generosity. It’s manipulation. We’ve got different realms of depth of relationship. Some are very close friends and some will always be better described as “acquaintances.” So we should relate to these people in different ways. We should treat those with the highest level of relationship commitment with the highest level of communication back.

4. What is your calling and how certain are you that God has led you into ministry? We often need to go back and be reminded about what God said in the first place, to boost our own faith and to remind us that God is in this. There must be a way then. He did call me to this and therefore He must have the provision. I’m convinced that when God calls us, He also is in the process of calling a team of people to join with us in that ministry. Our job is to walk in God’s ways in order to see His full blessing on our work.


The Back Door/Front Door Plan

–by Holmes M. Bryant, Jr.

If your support is inadequate, I would concentrate first on closing the back door, then look for opportunities to open the front door a little wider.

Closing the back door:



Now that we’ve closed the back door, we can look for opportunities to open the front door wider:




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