Signpost Messages

In these prophetic words or teachings, YWAM’s leaders have sensed God profoundly guiding the mission. After an emphasis on spiritual renewal and unity beginning as the millennium changed, in 2007 God began to speak to YWAM about growth—in fact 200,000 new missionaries, or ten-fold growth. YWAM’s leaders sensed God speaking to the mission through several different visiting speakers or intercessors or friends who felt God had given them this message. So the context for the messages that follow is multiplication of the mission force.

Alignment, by John Dawson, 2003.

Spiritual Eldership (sometimes called the Tripod Message), by Loren Cunningham. From 2004, updated in 2012.

Collapsing Building, by Lynn Green, 2005.

Little Girl Arise, by Jim Stier, 2005.

Applying Samuel Leadership, from the Global Leadership Team, 2008.

Eldership and Platforms, from the Global Leadership Team, 2009.

Circles, Circuits, and Cycles (including Altars and Towers), by Loren Cunningham, 2011.

The Belief Tree, by Darlene Cunningham with David Joel Hamilton and Dawn Gauslin, 2014.


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