If you have a question about YWAM, or if you want to serve God in some way, we would be happy to help you.

Questions About YWAM

If you have a question about YWAM, the following pages might contain the answer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Donation Information

If you have a question for a YWAM regional office or global ministry, please visit our Global Contacts page.

Contact Our Ministry Centers

This website serves as a portal to YWAM’s ministry centers around the world. If you have a question for a particular ministry, please pick “Locations” from the search bar above, and type in the city name or name of the ministry. When you find what you’re looking for, click on that ministry. You’ll find that ministry’s phone number and website, and a Contact Us button that will allow you to email that ministry center directly.

Contact Us

For general questions, media questions, or donation questions, please contact us. Our Help Desk team is standing by.


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