How to Add a New YWAM Location

If you would like to add a new YWAM location, here are the steps to follow.

Review the qualifications

First, review the qualifications needed for any new YWAM location.

All new YWAM locations must meet the following criteria:

  1. Physically and financially separate from other YWAM locations.
  2. Recognized leadership that has been commended first by another existing and recognized part of the YWAM movement (an eldership team or another YWAM community).
  3. The intention of the new location is to have a permanent presence (not a temporary location, such as a location organized for an event).

Complete three steps

If the new location meets all of these criteria, there are three steps for registering as a new YWAM location.

  1. The commending leadership (NOT the leadership of the new location) submits a request for a new YWAM operating location using the form at https://update.ywam.org/oploc/newlocation.
  2. Once the commending leader has submitted the above form, the leader of the new location will receive an email request to complete the new location profile.
  3. Once the profile has been completed, the YWAM data team will finalize and activate the new profile. If any questions arise, the data team will process these with the commending leader, the location leader, and senior YWAM elders.

In addition to this process, YWAM elders have recommended establishing a good relationship with the YWAM Area Circle Team where this new location is working.

If you have any questions about these steps to add a new location, please let our data service team know. We are a part of a YWAM global communication group called Circle 18 which works with senior YWAM elders to serve the whole YWAM movement.

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