Human Trafficking Ministry, Refugee Football Academy, House Build in Haiti

Published on: August 4, 2023

In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we have a look at some of the Human Trafficking Ministries that YWAM is engaged with around the world, hear about a Football Academy being run in a refugee camp in Malawi, see how YWAM Gleanings is making a difference for the hungry in Nicaragua, see how YWAM Saint Marc’s trade students are putting their skills to work with a homes of hope, and more …

On the YWAM News Show we work to bring you stories and opportunities from around the world and around the mission to share with you about some of what God is doing, and how you can be involved.

In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Show we bring you many stories form around the mission. Have listen to the full podcast:

Listen and find the links and videos here

The stories that we hear about in this episode are:

  • Heroes Football Academy in Dzaleka Refugee Camp
  • YWAM New Zealand BEHOLD – Worship, Prayer & Missions Conference
  • YWAM Gleanings for the Hungry in Nicaragua
  • YWAM Saint Marc Home Build
  • YWAM Outpost Panama Update
  • YWAM Albania Youth Camp
  • Human Trafficking Work
    • Tamar Centre – Thailand
    • Eden House – Thailand
    • House of Refuge – Thailand
    • Beloved 1 – Texas, USA
    • Justice 180 – Los Angeles, USA
    • S-Cape – YWAM Muizenberg, South Africa
    • Freedom61 – Latvia
    • Montrose Street Reach – Texas, USA
    • Little Footprints Children’s Ministry – Texas, USA
    • Unstoppable Love International – Bali, Indonesia

You can listen to all these stories, read more about them, and find links to all the details, on the YWAM News Show Web-site.

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