Prison Outreach, Peacebuilding, Biblical Motivations for Missions

Published on: January 30, 2024

In our latest Youth With A Mission News Show we hear about YWAM Samoa’s Outreach to Indonesia, a Skateboarder’s outreach to Mexico, YWAM San Francisco opens their doors during their inclement weather, we get a story from an outreach to a correctional facility in the Philippines, YWAM Kyiv running a youth group, YWAM Tampa Bay will be doing a musical theatre tour, we hear from two of our locations in Haiti, we talk about the next YWAM Together gathering in the Philippines, Bevin from Globalcast Resources bring us a great message about the Biblical Motivation for missions, and more …

On the YWAM News Show we work to bring you stories and opportunities from around the world and around the mission to share with you about some of what God is doing, and how you can be involved.

In this episode of the Youth With A Mission News Show we bring you many stories form around the mission. Have listen to the full podcast:

Listen to and find the links and videos here

The stories that we hear about in this episode are:

  • YWAM Samoa – Indonesia Outreach
  • Homes of Hope – Skateboarders Outreach
  • YWAM San Francisco Community Centre Opened Overnight
  • YWAM Experience Asia Prison Outreach
  • YWAM Kyiv Waves of Hope Community Centre
  • YWAM Tampa Musical Theater Impact Tour
  • YWAM Trang, Thailand Ministry
  • Foundations for Christian Peacebuilding
  • YWAM Les Cayes Soccer Tournament and Security Upgrade
  • YWAM Saint Marc Trade School Update and Security Needs
  • YWAM Saleb – Dare to Believe
  • YWAM Together 2024
  • The Biblical Motivations for Missions
  • YWAM Meme – Best Of

You can listen to all these stories, read more about them, and find links to all the details, on the YWAM News Show Web-site.

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