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Loren Cunningham – The Call

Published on: August 21, 2013

Loren Cunningham shares about “The Call” and different ways that God speaks to us in the latest episode of the YWAM News Podcast.
We will also continue to follow the situation in India and YWAM’s relief work there after the devastating floods and we hear about some YWAMers who are doing a prayer walk along the border in Ireland.
There are just a few of the stories that we cover in the latest episode of the YWAM News Podcast.

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In this episode of the YWAM News Podcast we talk about the following stories …

  • Loren Cunningham sharing about “The Call”
  • Update from YWAM Dehradun’s Flood Relief Efforts in India
  • Invitation from Markus Steffen to the 2013 UofN Workshop
  • YWAM Ireland Border Walk 2013
  • more …

You can listen and download this episode, watch the videos, and read more about the stories, on the YWAM News Podcast web-site.