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Volunteer With Refugees

Published on: July 27, 2016

The YWAM team serving at the refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece has issued an appeal for more volunteers. Please consider coming. You can also support their work by going to YWAM’s donation page.

Volunteers having tea with refugees in Lesbos camp

Volunteers having tea with refugees in Lesbos camp

“Come to Lesbos, we need your help….
“The camp is bulging at the seams. Eight more boats full of hopeful and desperate people have landed in the past week only to be crammed with more than 2,000 others into an already full detention camp.

Children in the Lesbos camp

“The food is very basic and at subsistence levels. Milk is rationed. Our volunteers continually rise to the challenge making sure everyone is fed while defusing tension and keeping an atmosphere of love. People are bored and having someone share joy and hope, listen to their story, and play games with the kids helps the time slip by. There are so many opportunities to serve these wonderful people but the workers are few.
“The Greek military expects the dam to burst and the boats to flood across the Aegean once more. The volunteer numbers have dropped and at the same time leadership has reinstated 24-hour cover to help provide the right level of support to the family compounds as well as the units for vulnerable adults and unaccompanied children. YWAMers regularly take double shifts and expend the last reserves of energy to serve these people.
Lesbos-Fence“I am appealing to you from Lesbos – please stop whatever you are doing and ask God if He would have you come. Tomorrow we are already 11 people short for the late shift and in the coming weeks we are looking at similar challenges. Would you also stand with us in prayer as we seek God for all that we need in order to serve here?”
For more information and to make the necessary arrangements to come, please email the Lesbos team.

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