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Pray for Afghan Refugees

Published on: January 7, 2022

During more than 40 years of war in Afghanistan, many Afghans in desperation have chosen to leave their homes. An estimated five million Afghans have now spread out around the world, forming one of the world’s largest refugee populations. Some of these are believers in Jesus. Over the last decades, like never before in history, we have seen the beginning of a real movement of Afghan followers of Jesus. Some estimate about 12,000 believers in the country and many house churches. Please pray for refugees from Afghanistan. They are going through enormous transition, as the realities of life in their new host countries are completely different from the life they have left behind. They need our prayers! Please join with one of YWAM’s prayer initiatives called The Invitation and pray right now and on our prayer day, January 13.

Topic suggested by Lynn Yee and the YWAM Refugee Circle convenors; written by A.P. in Central Asia.
Photo: Afghan refugee at a refugee center in Germany; by Thiago Souza.
Listen to the Letter
  1. YWAM has been working among Afghan refugees, especially in countries like Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, Turkey, Germany and Greece. Many of these refugees need food, clothing and shelter, need medical care, or are simply lost. Pray that God would use us to bring help and hope to Afghans in these nations. Pray that house churches would spread throughout their communities, so that the gospel would reach many people.
  2. Pray for the churches in USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Europe who are working hard to help settle thousands of Afghans. Pray they would know how best to help them, that the Church would shine Jesus’ light and life through their hospitality.
  3. Pray for Afghan believers moving to various nations for the first time, that they would be able to gather and continue to reach out to other Afghans.
  4. Pray for the adjustment of Afghan refugees: for employment, for language learning, for cultural understanding, for comfort from homesickness, for friendship.
  5. Pray for the thousands of Afghans still in Afghanistan who want to leave the country as soon as possible, and others who cannot leave and suffer from lack of employment, and inability to pay for food or medicine.

Suggestions for Group or Individual Prayer

Listen to this song of lament for Afghanistan by Jose Joseph in India:

Let this song help you connect with God’s heart, and inspire you to speak out hope as you pray for the people who have fled this land.

Take Action

Afghans are a friendly people! Maybe you have heard about them moving close to where you are located. How about praying for an opportunity to start relationship building? Invite them for tea, to join you in playing sports. Help them buy groceries, or maybe help them learn the local language. Also, learn how to share the gospel with them in a way they would understand.

For more information about working among Afghans, please contact [email protected]. For more information on working with refugees, please join the YWAM Refugee Circle group on Facebook.

Join The Invitation

Learn more about this YWAM prayer day, called The Invitation, at ywam.org/theinvitation. Please let us know how you prayed at [email protected]. Please also tell us if you would like to recommend a prayer topic for The Invitation.

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