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Pray for Hong Kong

Published on: April 6, 2023

The Invitation, April 13, 2023

Hong Kong is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, drawing people from all around the world with its unique combination of Asian and Western culture. However, of the 7.6 million people living in this bustling city, only 13 percent profess to be Christian and there are 10 unreached people groups residing there. Hong Kong is now in a “Kairos” time when the need for missionaries to spread the good news is vital for its future. Hong Kong has opened its doors to the world again after a difficult time over the pandemic and other issues, but unlike never before Hong Kong is ready for the gospel! There are many opportunities for individuals and teams to come serve. 

Topic suggested by Lynn Green in England. Written by Faby Ruesga. in Hong Kong. Photo of a YWAM arts camp for children, from YWAM Hong Kong.

Please take a moment right now to pray for Hong Kong and please also pray with us on April 13, our prayer day for YWAM’s prayer initiative called The Invitation.

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  1. The Time is Now: Long promoted as “Asia’s World City” and “The Gateway to China,” Hong Kong is now open again to the world. Please pray with us and ask the Lord to put Hong Kong on people’s hearts, and for people to consider coming or sending groups to share the love of Christ in this city.
  2. Children and Youth: The experiences of some challenging years have had a detrimental effect on children and youth in Hong Kong. There is an emerging group of non-engaged youth in social withdrawal, who are slowly losing their social skills and as a result, find it difficult to enter the competitive world of education or employment. It is these “unseen” youth that need social interaction and a support network. Many from poorer backgrounds feel trapped in an intergenerational cycle of poverty, as they see their parents unable to provide daily essentials and school supplies. Please pray against hopelessness, addictions and suicide among this group, for they are the future of Hong Kong.
  3. Church Togetherness: Some recent events have tarnished the closer ties and efforts of churches to work together. Pray that the churches of Hong Kong (both local and international) would continue to set aside differences and cooperate in unity to make a positive impact and contribution to society. Please pray that they would be filled with generous hearts that overflow with love and care for people in need. May they unashamedly proclaim the love of Christ over the Hong Kong people groups.
  4. Financial Security: Hong Kong has some of the highest wealth inequality among developed economies. With an ageing population, low wages and being one of the world’s least affordable housing markets, skyrocketing home prices have played a significant role in making it hard to get by. Add into the mix the fact that many people of low income suddenly found themselves either unemployed or working with reduced hours and pay as the city fought Covid-19. The wealthiest in Hong Kong during the global pandemic fared well however earning about 47 times that of the poorest. Please pray for existing and new initiatives that reach the poor and for greater awareness in all spheres of society to alleviate poverty and income disparity.

Take Action

We invite you to come and minister in Hong Kong. You can come as an individual or with a team with a variety of opportunities for YWAM to join in this historic time in Hong Kong.

You can find out more information about the various YWAM ministries here:

How we Prayed

October, 2019: Jeff Woodke’s Release

In October of 2019, on the third anniversary of the kidnapping of YWAMer Jeff Woodke from his home in Niger, West Africa, we prayed for Jeff’s release. On March 20, 2023 we learned that Jeff had been set free, after six and a half years in captivity. We praise God for this news! Thank you for your prayers.

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