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Pray for Israeli Backpackers

Published on: May 4, 2023

The Invitation, May 11, 2023

We have an opportunity to share the gospel with Israeli travelers in New Zealand and in other travel destinations throughout the world. These young adults, both men and women, serve two-to-three years in the military. Then they are encouraged to get out of Israel and have a break. Many thousands of young Israelis go to India, Japan, Nepal, Thailand and other parts of Asia and the Pacific for the drugs, parties and spiritual experiences. Many Israelis also come to New Zealand for the beauty and hiking. We see their searching hearts and want to introduce them to Yeshua (Jesus) while they are traveling.

Topic suggested by a participant in The Invitation’s survey. Written by Nicki Smith in New Zealand and Maegan Diaz in Japan. Photo from Maegan Diaz.

Please take a moment right now to pray for Israeli backpackers and please also pray with us on May 11, our prayer day for YWAM’s prayer initiative called The Invitation.

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  1. Pray for volunteers in ministries that reach out to Israeli travelers. Please pray they will be Spirit led, wise and loving as they share the gospel with Israeli travelers.
  2. Pray for the two Celebrate Messiah facilities in Wanaka and West Coast (New Zealand). Please pray that these will be places that Israeli guests feel safe, welcome and loved.
  3. Pray for open hearts. Most of the Israelis that travel along the backpacker trail are secular and agnostic. Many are spiritually searching and some meet Jesus while they are traveling. Please pray for the veil to be removed and that they become open to hear about God.
  4. Pray for personal encounters with the God of the Bible. Ministries to Israeli backpackers give out a lot of Hebrew New Testaments, testimonies, booklets, etc. Please pray that God’s Word and personal stories will touch their hearts, and that they will have their own personal encounter with the God of the Bible, both Old and New Testament.
  5. Pray for local non-Western churches and pastors to open up their hearts and lives to Israeli travelers. They can learn from one another in the context of travel and hospitality. Please pray for Israelis to experience faith in Jesus in a non-Western context. Also pray for the churches to meet people from the land of the Bible and learn about their culture.
  6. Pray for new locations. New guest houses, cafes and homes that have opened up across Asia in the last couple years in faith are now being frequented as Covid travel restrictions have lessened. There is an influx of travel happening right now, and anticipation for the Lord to meet people exactly where they are at, just like He always has. Please pray that these new locations will continue to flourish.

Take Action

  • Volunteer for an organization that reaches out to the Jewish people such as Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries, HIT International, or Celebrate Messiah New Zealand.
  • Host Israeli travelers in your own home. Check out https://hostisraelis.com/ and https://hitinternational.net/

How we Prayed

Hong Kong, April 2023

From Spain: “I asked the Lord to help the youth there find their place in society and the way to succeed in life. May God also show us ways to help them.”

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