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Pray for Myanmar

Published on: April 6, 2022

The Invitation, April 14, 2022

February 1, 2022 marked the first anniversary of the coup in Myanmar, which plunged the nation and the lives of most of its people into chaos and turmoil. One year later, the nation is facing huge challenges and at the same time YWAM workers see equally huge opportunities. One of the leaders of YWAM’s work in Myanmar said, “I want to thank you for your ongoing prayer and support for the people of Myanmar. Knowing that the world has not forgotten them makes a big difference.”

Topic suggested by J.H. in Southeast Asia, written by YWAM staff in Myanmar.
Photo of YWAM food distribution in Myanmar.

Please join YWAM’s prayer initiative called The Invitation as we continue to pray for the people of Myanmar, who are trying to stand strong in the face of immense challenges. Please take a moment to pray right now and also pray on our prayer day, April 14.

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  1. Pray for peace. Many parts of the country are experiencing an increase in violence. Although Yangon seems calm, other places are experiencing civil war, with several hundred thousand people being displaced. There is no end in sight to the conflict and so far all international attempts to help solve the crisis have failed. Please pray that the Lord will intervene and restore peace, justice and freedom. Also pray that God would protect the innocent and weak from violence and abuse.
  2. Pray for provision. The economic situation is very dire. Many have lost their jobs and some investors have pulled out. Pray for the economy to somehow pick up, so that people can be saved from desperate poverty. Pray for provision in YWAM’s work so that we can serve the many struggling poor people.
  3. Praise God for openness to the gospel. We are amazed how God is at work! The numbers of people turning to Christ are increasing almost everywhere. In the midst of the challenges and perhaps because of them, people are hungry for eternal truth, peace and freedom! As one example, an online evangelistic campaign has between three and five million views each month, with around 10,000 contact requests so far and over 1,000 serious inquirers wanting to know more about Jesus. Please pray that many more will find Christ and also pray for effective discipleship.
  4. Pray for YWAM’s ministry. Most of our teams have been busy distributing food and doing outreaches to poor communities. Two locations have restarted their preschools, with many children attending. One team ran a sewing training with 15 young women. Another location in the north of the country continues to run mini Discipleship Training Schools. Even in the midst of the current situation, a new YWAM location has been pioneered. Please pray for anointing and also protection for all our staff and ministry partners as they continue to boldly serve the poor and needy and declare the love of God in deed and word.

Take Action

If you would like more information about YWAM’s work in Myanmar or if you would like to support that work, please contact us at [email protected].

How We Prayed

Ukraine, March 2022

Praying for Ukraine at YWAM Los Angeles

Members of the YWAM family in South Korea, Uganda, England, USA and other countries sent reports about praying for Ukraine. Said a representative of YWAM Slavic Ministries, which has been putting out prayer updates almost every day, “Thank you so much for all your prayers! It’s a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful worldwide family when a part of the body is in need.”

Join The Invitation

Learn more about this YWAM prayer day, called The Invitation, at ywam.org/theinvitation. Please let us know how you prayed at [email protected]. Please also tell us if you would like to recommend a prayer topic for The Invitation.

Also, if you are a prayer coordinator and would like advance notice of content for The Invitation, please let us know.

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