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Pray for YWAM’s Global Prayer Initiative

Published on: February 8, 2024

The Invitation, February 8, 2024

The global YWAM family will gather in Manila from September 3-6, and the organizing team invites every YWAMer, across all ministries, communities, locations, and campuses, to prepare. Please set aside the third week of each month from February to September for corporate prayer and fasting. We acknowledge the significance of this time in history. Our founder and spiritual father, Loren Cunningham, has transitioned to glory. At the same time, YWAM is strategically positioned to catalyze a historic move of God. In support of this global YWAM family prayer initiative, we will share a brief video every month to inspire unified, corporate prayer for the nations, the mission, and the body of Christ. The first video comes from Andy Byrd of YWAM Kona.

Topic suggested by David Cole in New Zealand, written by Garth Gustafson in Cambodia. Photo by YWAM Battambang, Cambodia

Please join us on February 8, the prayer day for YWAM’s prayer initiative called The Invitation, and please pray with us during the third week of each month.

Listen to the Letter
  1. Pray for YWAM Together Manila 2024. From September 3-6, the whole YWAM Global family will be gathering as staff and students for the first time since 2018. Please pray that as many staff and students as possible would join us and that it would be a catalytic time for our mission.
  2. Pray for YWAM in this season. As you listen to the launch video from Andy Byrd and hear about the importance of the tender season that we are in with Loren’s passing, please pray that we would not miss out on anything God has for YWAM as we go forward.
  3. The global body of Christ. As we are living in such a critical time, please pray in YWAM we would be key catalyzers and unifiers in the whole body of Christ to see this generation turn to God in a new and world-changing way.
  4. A fresh youth movement. As God birthed YWAM through the vision of the waves of young people going from every nation to every nation, please pray for a fresh release of a new wave of workers in this generation, starting with Gen Z and beyond.

Take Action:

  1. Contact your supporters and friends and ask them to intercede and fast during the third week of every month, January through September. Start by watching the launch video through this link: Y Global Prayer Initiative, later on watch this video Darlene talks about Y Global Prayer Initiative. Below there are short summaries for both videos but we recommend you watch them.
  • First video: Andy Byrd of YWAM Kona speaks of a tender season of reflection he senses in YWAM after the passing of our founder, Loren Cunningham. Andy says this is a window of opportunity for God to test our thoughts (Psalm 139), for us to make things right with each other (Matt 5:24), for a spirit of revelation to land in our hearts (Eph 1:17-18), and for us to gain fresh vision and clarity, so we can run into fruitfulness (Hab 2:2). Andy also has been reminded of Joy Dawson’s words to him over the phone right before her passing in 2022. She was concerned that YWAM’s leaders not lose the passion for intercession, and she wanted Andy to pass this message on to as many leaders as possible. Andy said he and other leaders don’t want the place of intercession to grow weak in YWAM. Maybe we are not as covered as we should be. Maybe we are more vulnerable than we realize. Andy challenged YWAMers to be like Bartimaeus who cried out to God for the breakthrough he knew Jesus could give him. Andy urged YWAMers to be the presence-centered people God has always called us to be, for leaders to not grow so busy that they don’t close the door and cry out to the Father, for locations and families to re-prioritize and rekindle a hunger for a worship and prayer lifestyle. He encouraged every location to set aside the third week of each month leading up to September for united prayer. He said “I’m excited for these months ahead of us and excited to be together in Manila.”
  • Second video: Darlene began by thanking everyone for all the care she has received. She said she misses Loren, chatting with him. In the decisions, they went to Jesus together, which she can still do. She wants that for all of us in YWAM too. In his video, Andy said this is a time of tenderness. Darlene reflected on that word. She said we were formed in YWAM on the word of the Lord. That’s what Loren’s book, Is That Really You God, focused on. What is in our DTS curriculum: how to hear the voice of the Lord. Darlene recalled the early days in YWAM. They prayed for the nations every day. She asked, “What was the word of the Lord that brought you to the place where you are?” We must always depend on the voice of the Lord. In those first years, they would wait on the Lord, and they would go to each other and make things right. God wants to speak to us. Jesus said, I don’t do anything on my own, I hear from my Father. How much more ourselves? Resist the enemy. Seek a clean heart. Darlene said, as we prepare our hearts to go together to the Philippines, this will be our first gathering in six years. Ask if God wants you to go to the Philippines. I believe God wants to speak to us when we are all gathered. I look forward to seeing you in person. Pray, intercede, walk in unity together, and just see what remarkable things God is going to do in the future.
  1. Sign up your team for YWAM Together 2024 in Manilla. Click the link www.yt2024.com before April 30 to get the early-bird price.

Join The Invitation.

Sign up for prayer emails and find translations in many languages at ywam.org/theinvitation. Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know how you prayed, to recommend a prayer topic, or to request an advance copy of the prayer guide.

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