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Pray to End Bible Poverty

Published on: October 6, 2022

The Invitation, October 13, 2022

Throughout YWAM’s history Bible distribution has been an important part of our mission’s work. In the last few decades, more organizations have begun to collaborate with YWAM who have the same heart to translate and distribute the Bible. In late 2014 several YWAM leaders, including YWAM’s co-founders Loren and Darlene Cunningham, visited Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Evangelical leaders around the world, urging them to do all they could to help end Bible poverty. There was great unity of purpose around this theme among these influential leaders. As a result, “The Covenant to End Bible Poverty” (ywam.org/a-covenant-to-end-bible-poverty) was written, calling on Christians everywhere to pray, translate, publish, distribute, educate and motivate people for Bible engagement. It is our hope that intercessors will be raised up so that there is 24/7 prayer for those without Bibles to get them. Please take a moment to pray right now and please also pray with us on October 13, our prayer day for YWAM’s prayer initiative called The Invitation.

Topic suggested by Loren Cunningham and written by Seth Aumock from YWAM’s End Bible Poverty Now ministry. Photo taken from Unsplash – photographer Aaron Burden.
Listen to the Letter
  1. Pray for translation and publication. Please pray for innovation to continue so that translation and publication can happen quickly and accurately.
  2. Pray for distribution. Please pray for donors to continue to partner and give financially so that Bibles can be distributed to the nations. Pray that the body of Christ would continue to be informed and choose to do outreaches and mission trips with Bible distribution as a main focus.
  3. Pray for education. After people have received a Bible, we believe providing biblically sound teaching is at the epicenter of the discipleship process for people around the world to have a grounded understanding of God’s Word. Please pray that believers in other nations would have access to Biblical teachings and revelation from the Holy Spirit as they read Scripture. 
  4. Pray for the Habakkuk Initiative. God has given us vision as a mission to not only end bible poverty around the world but to disciple all nations as Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:19. The goal of the Habakkuk initiative is to holistically disciple 80 nations in 10 years. To do this we need partnership and motivation from local churches who will carry the bulk of this task to reach their cities and nation. Please pray that local churches in these countries will be moved by the Holy Spirit to commit to see their nation reached with the Bible and that more YWAM staff would join this initiative to see it through.

Take Action

Please join us in contending for the Bibleless on Zoom every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Hawaii Standard time at this link (with passcode: 6913): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82712830927#success

Join The Invitation.

Sign up for prayer emails and find translations in many languages at ywam.org/theinvitation. Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know how you prayed, to recommend a prayer topic, or to request an advance copy of the prayer guide.

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